The girl of my dream – Story

Episode 1

I was running from no where to some where when I saw Tola being tied to a tree. I stopped to help her untie the rope. as I was to set her free, two hefty men jumped out from nowhere.

both men:: na you be the person abi?

me:: na me be watin? (looking around maybe I can see any body that can help us escape)

**one of them came to me telling me that his boss name is Kunle and there’s nothing I can do**

Kunle:: killer, what are you doing with that thing? come let’s kill them na.

Tola was still crying… they tied me to the same tree with her. as they were about to pull the trigger, I don’t know where the slap came from. the slap landed on my back, I woke up sweating like Christmas goat about to killed…

me:: thank God, so na dream i dey dream sha.

Godwin:: adeblow, watin dey happen?

**sorry guys, Godwin is my best friend**

me:: the dream carry the school bag with books.. you remember that chikala girl way I tell you say I dey like so?

(Godwin nodding his head like agama lizard) I see her for my dream, in fact I hug her self, o boy body do me grigri but some guys be wan kill us together but I don’t know why.

**Godwin:: **laughing** adeblow, you be fool. girl when you no get the courage to talk to, you come dey happy say hug her for dream.

(sorry guys, Tola is the girl of my dream, the girl I wish to have as my girlfriend but I did not have that courage to woo her and tell her about my feelings)

Godwin:: wait o, they b wan kill you? watin they want?

me:: I don’t know. but one of them tell me say the other guy name na Kunle

Godwin:: you know them

me:: no, satin go make me know them?

Godwin:: this na warning say make you nor go close to that girl.

me:: warning say make I no love? abeg leave that matter jor I go summon courage talk to her one day just dey watch and see..

Godwin:: okay sir, but no talk say I nor warn you…

Episide 2

sitting on our pavement reading one novel when I noticed a damsel coming towards me. I raised my head up to see the figure eight. lo and behold it was Tola. (for my mind I said God don catch you today, if I nor pour my hear give you make I know watin cause am.

Tola:: good morning **with angelic voice**

me:: good morning how may I help you? ( pretending not to know her)

Tola:: please is this Mrs Fausat’s house?

me:: (see English. me when I nor fit speak fluently, how I take cope with her now? anyway I no go fall my hand) yes anything? **I don’t know the house but have to convince her so I can know what she wants**

Tola:: **smiling** can you show me Kunle’s room please?

me:: **flashed back to my dream** babe, actually this not her house but go that way you will see the house **pointing to the next 7th building..

Tola:: thank you… she left

immediately she left, something just just pushed me to follow her. I have no choice than to follow my mind.. I trail her to the house. I saw the Kunle. he came out from the room hugging her forcefully. I wan go meet them but fear grip me instantly. I ran back home feeling dejected.

how can i be running away from a fellow man like me? no, it can not happen.

I was lost in my thought when Godwin barge in.

Godwin:: guy how far na?

me:: I nor dey fine nor.. imaging Tola carry herself by herself come meet me for here, instead make I proceed with my plan, I come dey show her Kunle house.

Godwin:: which Kunle?

me:: na one guy when dey stay near them Lekan na.

Godwin:: that O.P.C. guy?

O.P.C.? the guy na O.P.C. ?

Godwin:: yes na..! wait o, adeblow, you dey think watin I dey think so?

me:: chain..! see kasala.. anyway nothing do am. even Bible talk say the kingdom of God suffer gragra, and the people with gragra later gain am. as for me, I won’t give up on her.. something is wrong with her and I have to help her.

Godwin:: who you dey speak grammer give? speak watin I hear.

me:: nor go improve your English..

Episode 3

Favour:: bro ade, you came to visit us today?

me:: Aburo (junior kid in Yoruba lang) I came see things myself jare, don’t mind me, I’ll make it up to u. is your brother inside?

favour:: you mean bro Lekan?

me:: yes na,p

Favour:: he just see one of his friend off now. he would soon be back..

me:: okay I will wait for him…

(fifteen minutes later lekan comes back).
Lekan:: adeblow, adeblow. the only guy when go see girl he heart ho dey beat for him back..

me:: guy stop that talk, I don change now in fact na watin carry me come be that.

Lekan:: now you want say make I give you tips on how to toast girl now abi?

me:; thunder fire you.. I get one problem o

Lekan:: about what?

me:: e get one girl way dey come meet this una neighbor for here. her name na Tola and the maga when she dey see for here na Kunle b he name…

Lekan:: yes, I know them. but the girl b like person when they force enter relationship. how I wish I know her very well I for rescue her.

me:: what do you mean by force?

lekan:: the girl always dey come every weekend. so in the night I go dey hear ”whether you like it or not, you are mine & nothing will change change it.” all these grammer when I no understand go dey follow.

me:: I see..! guy I need your help now, this girl is my world. I want to save her. all I need from you now is to gather some information for me.

Lekan:: you mean am?

me:: yes na

Lekan:: you know say the guy na O.P.C. ?

me:: I know everything already.. just help me, and don’t try anything stupid cos I know what you are capable of..

Lekan:: ever since I met that my chikala, I don stop to dey cause problem na.. no worry my friend.

me:: thank you… I left for my house.

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The Characteristics of A Leader

Leaders are readers they take history and recreate it,
they get lost in powerful stories and become one.
Leaders never dwell on their title because

they possess their position so well that others make up titles for them in reverence.

Leaders are patient teachers with multiple gifts
and they stick to their authentic selves.
They choose paths that allow them to do what they love while saving lives.
Leaders believe they are winning even when to others,they are losing;
Leaders see a dead-end and build a bridge;
pave a road;
change their transportation;
are the change in their relationships.
Leaders are not conceited because they hang around people with gifts that they don’t have.
Leaders have followers, not because they are bullies;
they are irresistible beings with endless solutions who master their behavior.
Leaders are imperfect people who reinvent themselves as often as they add a new skill.
In many cases, a leader may not be liked, or respected but they cannot be denied.
Leaders know that God is their source, and not their resource.
They pray for wisdom and gain abundance.
We are in an overflow experience where
the remnant of Martin’s Dream and Obama’s Change has taken root.
More children have access to higher dimensions of theory than ever before.
Your grandparents were told to be quiet unless spoken to,
while we believe children have a pure sense of faith and creativity for the world;
they should be heard.
Just as this world is eliminating a middle class,
We must equip ourselves to be truly free at last.
From the chains of mediocrity, that people swallow as an excuse like a placebo;
deceiving themselves by maintaining their pain
instead of manifesting a cure,
This is a charge to each and every one of you to want more.
See your gifts to the world and own them, each and every one.
Know that Leaders are readers, they study to create.
They look their weaknesses right in the fragility of their face.
They have vision that some blind men cannot see.
Leaders have been known to be worth more than their invoice fee,
until the tipping point happens when those watching are still in disbelief.
You are a Leader.
It is a universal calling from Heaven but like God, we have free will to choose.
I FOREVER believe that God put leader inside of you!

Written By: Ressurrection Graves

Date: April 30th, 2011
Performed: May 7th, 2011

The Courage Being Renewed

I hear the world reciting like a poem,

The mistakes of ancient men,

The brutality and fighting, 

They will never have again.

Hearbroken and disabled, 

In body and in mind,

They renew talk of the fabled

Federation of mankind.

But they’re blessed with acumen,

To suspect the human trait

Was not the basest human 

That made them militate,

They will tell you more asap,

You tell them what to do

With their ever breaking newness

And their courage to be new.


The cloud, the source of rain, one stormy night

Offered an opening to the source of dew;

Which I accepted with impatient sight;

Looking for my old sky-marks in the blue.

But stars were scarceij that part of the sky,

And no two were of the same constellation –

No one was bright enough to identify;

So ’twas with not ungrateful consternation,

Seeing myself well lost once more, I sighed,

“Where, where in Heaven am I? But don’t tell me!

O opening clouds, by opening on me wide,

Let’s let my heaven lostness overwhelm me”

Credited to Robert Frost

Dust-up between traditions and sciences

It’s being a shocking event to hear about the clash incidence that happened some days ago in Ondo state of whom its capital is Akure. Sudden deaths were recorded in Ode-Irele community recently when a number of men had complained of headache and fever, while their health conditions quickly goes atrophy, leading to blindness, and eventually death, all within a few hours.

Comprehensively, it is said that the deaths might have roots in methanol poisoning. The disease ruled out Ebola Virus Disease and any other haemorrhagic fevers, but it is not infectious. The sequence of illness and the swift progression to death has only confirmed the anger of Malokun, a local deity revered in the community. The popular belief in the community is that Malokun is on a vengeance mission after a group of men invaded its shrine, reportedly carting away artifacts and other materials belonging to the deity.

One of the Christians in the community, says, “Many of us in this town do not believe that the deaths were caused by ogogoro (gin). How can somebody die of chemical poisoning and his complexion turns black afterwards? No matter how light-skinned the victim was, he turned as black as charcoal within an hour of death”.

You know, the state government just had to come out with a report. Malokun is not what you can experiment with. But we are not going anywhere. This is our home. We have appeased Malokun and no new case has been reported in the last few days.

According to the findings, scientific findings have indicated methanol poisoning, added to fact that two of the persons affected have even regained their sights, while others are still receiving treatment. The residents were only talking about Malokun when there were five deaths. But they knew better when the casualty rate shot up to 23. This is beyond Malokun; more so, we had a patient who came from a faraway local government.

It became clear to the villagers at that point and they have all agreed it was methanol poisoning. The traditional ruler also accepted that it was methanol poisoning. It was a particular batch of the local gin that was sold in the area. About 33 people were affected but 23 died, 10 people are receiving treatment and two have regained their sight. It now became clear to the majority of the citizens that it a  superstitious statement to believe that people turned to black after being stricken by the deity. No one turned black. Essentially, methanol goes straight to the optic nerve and destroys it. That is the nerve which sends signal to people to see and it becomes destroyed.

Citizens were so curious and decided to check the Malokun shrine. It was there they discovered that some people had also burgled the shrine. Thereafter, they decided to lay a curse on the burglars.

According to medical encyclopaedia, methanol is a non-drinking type of alcohol used for industrial and automotive purposes. Its symptoms, according to the Wikipedia include blindness, convulsions, low blood pressure, headache and abdominal pains, among others. Methanol is extremely poisonous. As little as two tablespoons can be deadly for a child. About two to eight ounces can be deadly for an adult. Blindness is common and often permanent, despite medical care. How well the person does depends on how much poison is swallowed and how soon treatment is received.

But Malokun is just one of the deities that enjoy adulation and reverence from people and communities in Nigeria. From Delta State to Edo, Osun, Kogi, Ekiti and others in the country, deities still dictate the pace and way of life in many communities. Just as in the Ode-Irele case, it only took an incident to resuscitate the long-held belief held by many people in Ojirame Afekunu, a village in the Akoko Edo Local Government Area of Edo State.

OAU Parliaments fight during meeting

The crisis rocking the Accounting Students Representative Council (ASRC) OAU chapter got to its peak on Saturday (21/02/2015)when the Parliamentary sitting was turned to a fighting stage majorly by the president of the house (Mr. Adeoba),speaker of the house, and later joined by the rest of the house due to the mismanagement and constitutional abuses.
The disagreement started on Friday when the house summoned the presence of the president to give account of how the money that was generated on January is spent (5 million naira).


The President, while speaking on the floor of the house, was interrupted several times by the speaker (Hon. Jide) and also accused of dressing unofficially by Hon. Moses. Adeoba felt insulted by the conduct of some of the honourables and consequently walked out of the floor over what he regarded as disrespect for the office of the president by the speaker and some honourable members.

President Adeoba said:” I was in the floor to represent the the generality of Management and Accounting students’ interests in the house, and I deserve to be respected because I wasn’t accused of any misappropriation of funds”.

For the perceived act of disrespect by the President, the parliamentarian ordered him to write an apology letter to the house. The president in turn demanded that the parliamentarian should write a letter of apology to the office of the executive.

Meanwhile, another sitting held on 21st February, 2015 ended in deadlock as the speaker pronounced the Director of Socials, Tunde Animashaun, suspended over ill manner towards the speaker and the house. The DOS (Director of Social) was earlier asked to excuse the house for some minutes when he raised a constitutional matter and he refused to do.
Immediately the DOS got suspended some galleria in the house also posited that some members of the house be suspended too for misbehaving during the meeting, albeit the maze is still in the house. After the speaker listen to this, he also raised the motion that the General Secretary Oladotun Oladiti, be suspended for disrupting the sitting continuation after recess.

Another galleria and Editor in Chief of the echoes of accounting Ibikunle Akingbade, has also showed his grievances over a honourable in part 1 constituency Hon. Rasak, over his behavior towards the president. How will he have done that? He said.

Meanwhile the NUASA president has offered to bear the cost of the breakage, the act of the Honourables was very bad and on called for Afeez said.

Second of its since the time of Africa former OAU student union president in 1999.